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Teaching & Lecturing

The University of Cambridge

As a visiting Professor for the Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge, I teach and advise on several courses within the faculty. I am a member of the advisory group for the newly formed degree course, Design-Tripos, the first undergraduate course ‘designed from scratch’ at the University, that will merge arts and science to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. The course aims to blend engineering architecture and material science and allows graduates to achieve a master’s in design and eventually leading to becoming a registered architect or engineer.

I also teach and lecture on the Part 3 and level 7 architectural apprenticeship courses lecturing on the design of major infrastructure projects as well as techniques in collaborative design and inter-disciplinary working.

“We are delighted that Harbinder has joined the teaching team for our revolutionary Level 7 Architecture Apprenticeship. We have aspired to the very best from the day the course was launched and he brings with him exceptional expertise and care in teaching.”
– Dr Timothy Brittain-Catlin
Course Leader, MSt in Architecture (Degree Apprenticeship)
The University of Cambridge


Illustration – Level 7 architectural apprentice graduates

  • Date

    June 6, 2019

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    Cambridge University


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