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Teaching & Lecturing

Speakers for Schools

Speakers for Schools aim is to level the playing field for young people from state schools and colleges and empower them to reach their potential by providing them with life-changing opportunities that they would otherwise struggle to access. As a member of the group, I am invited to talk to school children of all ages and back grounds on the opportunities within the design and construction industry. Currently I am working with Sixth formers from Villiers High School, West London.

Situated in Southall in Ealing, 98% of the student population come from ethnic minority background which are underrepresented in the architecture profession, which is why I am coordinating a series of creative workshops for the students. Following the workshops, the students are given the opportunity to display their artwork in local galleries. My aim is to assist the student in gaining a deeper understanding of the industry, by providing them with contacts of professional consultancies in the field of architecture and engineering.

“Having worked with Harbinder, I’ve witnessed on many occasions the inspirational talks he gives to school children. He has a way of gaining their attention that is untypical of other speakers in the industry. I think it’s the way he manages to communicate that architecture and engineering effects every aspect of their lives and that they have the potential to work in the creative environment to make a real change.”
– Manvir Hansra
Architectural Assistant


Illustration – with students at Hammersmith Academy

  • Date

    January 28, 2018

  • Client

    Speakers for Schools


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