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Architecture & Design

New Art Exchange

The New Art Exchange is one of the only Art Galleries outside of London that promotes art created by ethnic minorities. Funded by the Arts Council and Nottingham City Council the New Art exchange situated in the diverse and vibrant area of Hyson Green in Nottingham. Designed to be a welcoming space for the local a wider community in Nottingham, Hawkins\Brown Architects were commissioned as Architects to create a building that would have a diverse range of flexible spaces, which comprise of galleries, workspaces and a dance and rehearsal space. Since opening over a decade ago the New Art Exchange has been known to be one of the most welcoming arts spaces in the midlands, the dedicated team working hard to break down the ‘threshold fear’ that so often is felt by the public. As well as commissioning established artists such as Hew Locke and Sutapa Biswas to create permanent in-situ artworks for the station, the gallery also works hard to promote emerging artists from the UK and internationally whilst also working extensively with local community groups, schools, and colleges.

“Harbinder Birdi was an instrumental pioneer in how he created a design in symbiosis with the neighbourhood of Hyson Green to create one of UK’s solid centre’s of gravity in contemporary art, culture and enterprise… gifting the community a black diamond for the incubation and launch of unseen talent for the global stage!”
– Skinder Hundal MBE
Director of Arts , British Council
Previously Creative Director of the New Art Exchange


Images courtesy of Hawkins\Brown Architects

  • Date

    September 19, 2009

  • Client

    New Art Exchange


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