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I have worked extensively with the RIBA for over 15 years supporting their education department. I am a professional Part 3 examiner and have examined over 400 graduates for schools of architecture including the RIBA, AA, UCL. I also examine both level 6 and level 7 architectural apprentices at the London Southbank University.

I am a member of the RIBA validation panel and have visited schools of architecture in the UK and internationally including in Sri Lanka, Egypt, Denmark and Sweden. The validation is requested by universities in part to provide good governance, guidance, and support for students, academics and course leaders.

“Harbinder has worked on and chaired RIBA validation visits for 10+ years, leading and championing the role of the RIBA as a critical friend to schools of architecture, helping to develop strategies for the continuous improvement of architecture education. Harbinder’s wealth of experience has ensured that guidance and advice is considered when supporting providers to achieve the highest of academic standards and a positive student experience.”
– Sophie Bailey
Head of Validation, Royal Institute of British Architects 


Illustration – University of Bath graduates

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    June 6, 2008

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