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Architecture & Design

Bond Street Station, Elizabeth Line

Bond street Station situated in the heart of Westminster serves the rich and diverse retail sector due to its proximity to Regent Street and Oxford street. The design of the station successfully utilises the opportunity to integrate high quality commercial office space above the ticket halls as well creating retail opportunities within the perimeter of the station envelope. A key priority of the Crossrail project was to use this opportunity to enhance the public realm and surrounding environs that serve the station. At Bond Street Crossrail worked with Westminster to establish a new pedestrian only public realm station forecourt now used by thousands of Londoners as a legible meeting point in central London. The station also incorporates artwork by Darren Almond.

Bond Street Station was designed by John McAslan Architects. The technical design and support for the construction of the project was provided by Hawkins\Brown Architects.


Images courtesy of Morley Von Sternberg

  • Date

    June 1, 2022

  • Client

    Transport for London


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