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Design Advisory

Camden Council

Euston Station and the associated development and regeneration of the site is located within the London Borough of Camden. Due to the scale of the project and its impact on the area it was agreed that there should be a dedicated design review panel comprising of architects, landscape designers and urban designers that have been selected from the established Camden and Hs2 panels. I am a member of this panel, co-ordinated by Frame-Projects aims to ensure that all proposals are of the highest design quality and aim to be fully integrated with the future aspirations of the regeneration of the borough. I with fellow panel members have reviewed for over 5 years the designs for the new Hs2 station and oversite development, the public adjoining public realm and the design of a new TFL London underground station and concourse. The panel is also responsible for reviewing the designs of the proposals for the upgrade of the Network Rail station and Bus interchange. This development is known to be the largest and most complex rail infrastructure project in the UK.

  • Date

    February 5, 2021

  • Client

    Camden Council


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